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At eMoney solutions, we offer countless e-money services designed to bridge the gap between consumers, merchants, and companies throughout the country and beyond. While promoting financial inclusion for everyone, especially the unbanked, our services and solutions provide users with numerous benefits.

Transaction Processing

eMoney Solutions provides transaction processing utilizing SaaS (software as a service). The approach enables us to offer remote transaction processing for companies of all sizes in different areas throughout Africa. Using a simple interface, individuals can complete various transactions through our service, even if they don’t currently have an account with a traditional banking institution. Providing this service to the public allows us to cater to the needs of everyone, including the unbanked, without making anyone feel alienated. Instead, everyone has the opportunity to complete safe, speedy digital transactions instead of worrying about using cash to pay for goods or services.

Service Aggregation

Players such as fintech companies and financial institutions typically offer transactional services to their customers through mobile or web applications.

In order to make their applications more convenient and relevant, these players sometimes want to integrate value-added services such as the following:

  • money transfer via partner networks, to extend the reach or reduce the cost of the service;
  • payment of certain utilities such as electricity, water, TV subscriptions, Internet subscriptions, insurance premiums, etc.
  • payment of taxes to the government;
  • online and offline digital payments acceptance;


Through its partnerships and technical integrations with a large number of providers of such services, eMoney Solutions offers those financial institutions, fintechs and other aggregators, a “one-stop shop” in the form of an application programming interface (API), using a PaaS approach. This allows them to launch new services more quickly and to meet the expectations of their own customers with a rich and diversified range of services.

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Payment Aggregation

Payment aggregation is another service provided by eMoney Solutions, using either PaaS or SaaS, that helps organizations accept digital payments when selling goods or services. Business owners can use payment terminals or phones equipped with our proprietary software, APIs, or online payment gateway to complete seamless, stress-free daily transactions.

Using a single device, organizations of all sizes can accept various digital payments from users, including credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, e-money wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, and more.
Through a web-based back-office interface, each merchant has detailed traceability of all payments collected at their point of sale, while the merchant service provider has visibility into the transactions of their entire network of merchant acceptors.

The advantages of payment aggregation are tremendous, allowing merchants to provide multiple payment options to their customers, ultimately catering to their needs by letting them pay their preferred way.

With payment aggregation, your organization can:

  • Begin accepting a wide variety of payment options from customers
  • Cater to the needs of all customers without alienating some based on their preferred method of payment
  • Earn more in sales from offering more ways for customers to pay
  • Bring in more business from customers who prefer to pay with crypto and other digital currencies
  • Promote and encourage the cashless economy we’re focused on creating through our digital finance solutions

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