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Our solutions are designed to address the payment digitization needs of different categories of actors, including the following:

Financial Institutions and e-wallet providers

For financial institutions and electronic money issuers, eMoney Solutions offers white label transactional platforms. Although they are tailored to the requirements of each institution, these platforms include the following basic building blocks:

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Service Providers and Merchants

Our solutions regularly benefit providers and merchants. Some of the services we provide include:

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Fintech Organizations

Fintech is one of the few industries where, through platform integrations, companies often benefit from leveraging competitors’ capabilities on a specific feature, rather than reinventing the wheel. This is how eMoney is able to provide other fintech companies with access to a panoply of services to be offered to their end customers or the acceptance of digital payment means.

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Our solutions are government-friendly. While the services are subject to local regulations and may vary from one jurisdiction to the next, we provide the following:

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Merchant Service Providers

By serving as intermediaries between payment acquiring institutions (banks and e-money issuers), merchant service providers, also referred to as “payment facilitators”, play an important role in the popularization of digital payments. Their mission is to recruit, equip, train and support merchants to boost acceptance.

To support the development of merchant service providers, eMoney solutions may take care of the following:

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Person-to-person money transfer is undoubtedly the most adopted digital finance service in Africa, probably for sociological reasons. Indeed, the tradition of family solidarity means that the more affluent, who generally work in cities, regularly send money to their less affluent relatives, who often stay in the village or are located at greater or lesser distances.

eMoney Solutions provides financial institutions and electronic money issuers with closed or open-loop omnichannel white label person-to-person money transfer platforms.

In most African countries, subscribers to utility services such as water, electricity, telephone and internet, to name a few, can only pay for their services in cash. This forces them to physically go to the counters provided for this purpose.

Through integration with the information systems of utility providers, we are able to offer new payment channels such as the following:

  • local agents (post offices, retail stores, rural cooperatives, etc.) equipped to collect payments or sell prepaid meter refills;
  • mobile or web applications that allow consumers to make payments without having to go anywhere;
  • self-service ATMs (kiosks, bank machines, etc.).

This diversification of channels increases the financial inclusion of populations, brings more comfort to consumers and accelerates collections for service providers.

For institutions hosting merchant accounts or e-wallets, the digitization of payments represents an important opportunity to capture additional financial flows. With our solutions, these institutions can offer their merchant customers hardware and software devices that allow them to accept payments by various electronic means such as cards and e-wallets.

On the back-end, our servers provide transaction processing and merchant clearing, while guaranteeing a very high level of security.

Hardware devices include point-of-sale terminals (POS), cash registers, and more. Software devices include virtual point-of-sale terminals (soft POS), payment gateways for e-commerce sites and APIs for integration with mobile applications.

We support various technologies such as chip and PIN, QR code and NFC.

In most of the countries where eMoney Solutions operates, banking rates are below 20%. In order to give unbanked populations the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of digital payments, we offer our mobile wallet solution to our bank clients. Thanks to this solution, banks and electronic money issuers can, in turn, offer consumers, whether or not they are banked, an account service based on the conversion into units of value (electronic money) of cash deposited with the financial institution or one of its agents.

Through an application installed on the customer’s cell phone, the customer can perform various operations, such as account balance or statement enquiries,  transfers, payments or withdrawals. The wallet may also support optional features such as wallet-to-bank or bank-to-wallet transfers, bill payments, merchant payments and interoperability with third party domestic or cross-border remittance services, to name a few the most obvious.

The low adoption of banking services makes it costly for banks to operate a branch or ATM network. As a result, most banks concentrate their presence in the centers of major cities, leaving peri-urban and rural areas deserted. This situation, in turn, hinders the adoption of banking services.

To break this vicious circle, we have developed solutions that allow banks to secure the provision of certain services to their customers to partners, called agents. In this way, the reach of banking services can be extended, in a cost-effective and secure way, to the most remote areas.

In many countries, providers of services to the public, such as water distribution, electricity distribution, internet access, telephone connections, and so on, are obliged to maintain agencies throughout their respective territories in order to collect payments from customers.

For reasons of profitability, some localities are either completely devoid of branches or are served by branches disconnected from the information system of their headquarters. In addition to the dissatisfaction that this state of affairs causes for the subscribers of these services, it also leads to high risks for cash management.

To overcome these drawbacks, we have developed a solution based on the use of mobile terminals connected to our processing platform, which allows all the branches of a company to operate in connected mode, at a lower cost.

Thus, the management has a real-time visibility on the collections made in its network of agencies. In addition, the low cost of our solutions allows for the eventual deployment of a larger number of cash points, including mobile or seasonal ones.

In countries where we have partnerships with financial institutions acquiring electronic payments through our platform, utility providers and merchant can easily implement digital payment acceptance through their websites, mobile applications or at their counter. All they need to do is deploy POS terminals with our proprietary applications or integrate our APIs.

Development of interfaces with government services
In many cases, information about the amounts owed by citizens to government entities for the use of services provided by them is not available in digital form.
In order to enable the digitalization of their payment, we often have to first develop exchange protocols and file formats, or APIs, to gain access to billing information digitally or to report on transactions processed by our platform.

Once billing information is available in digital form, settlement can be done by the citizens using a variety of digital payment means, including but not limited to: cards, bank transfers, wallets, or cryptocurrencies.

Such payments can be done either remotely, using a web or mobile application, or in-situ, at designated location.

In order to bring payment counters closer to populations, especially those who are not comfortable with digital technologies, the administration can entrust the collection of its fees to proximity agents such as: post offices, microfinance or bank branches, rural cooperatives, mobile collectors, etc.

eMoney Solutions has developed solutions to manage such networks of external agents, with the support of multi-level networks.

In order to secure the funds collected on behalf of the State, agents may be required to deposit a guarantee amount. In this case, our platform will ensure that the cash held by an agent can in no case exceed the amount of his guarantee.